Is Your Food Hurting You… And Turning You Into A Poster Child For “Protein Bloat”?

Want to end to your bloating and constipation, AND increase the nutrition to your muscles by up to 40%? (Without changing your diet!)

Answer these quick questions…

Do you ever feel slight pain or discomfort after drinking a protein shake?

Does your protein shake or certain foods cause you to feel bloated or constipated?

Do you always feel tired?

If so, you may be sensitive to protein and other foods…

This sensitivity causes inflammation, bloating and constipation – ITS NOT GOOD!

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Dr. Berardi PhD., of Precision Nutrition said it himself – “There are many folks who suffer allergies or intolerance’s to traditional protein supplements!”

One athlete he said “had extreme bloating and gas from her whey protein supplement. Within 30 minutes her belly would bloat to 125% of its normal size!”

Another athlete thought he had a chronic low-grade head cold for an entire year!

These might seem like extreme cases of protein sensitivity, but one thing is true, just about everyone these days has at least a slight sensitivity to any protein supplement.

A high grade protein isolate can reduce the problem, but the symptoms still persist – a little gas, mild discomfort and sometimes total blockage, all of which causes you’re tummy to jut out.

And as you just read, degrees of sensitivity may vary, but they all lead to one ugly symptom…

Bloating, Gas, Constipation or Diarrhea

If you work out, this is especially frustrating because you work so hard to look and feel your best, and yet no matter how hard you try, you still have these consistent cycles of bloating, constipation and ya, even diarrhea.

Sometimes your tummy looks great, and sometimes it doesn’t but you don’t have any control over it.

Would you be surprised to find that your protruding belly may just be bloating and gas caused by your protein shake? (Or a myriad of other things you eat, that slow you down on the inside, and cause all the fuss!)

Your protein shake and other supplements may be slowing your system down, causing a bottleneck and a plethora of other undesirable symptoms.

Think about it, when your system SLOWS down, your metabolism slows down, your energy level slows down, and ultimately, you slow down!

The only thing that doesn’t slow down is your growing midsection.

This “Belly Hazard” can actually zap the life right outa you, making you tired and foggy, and if you work-out every day, its horrible trying to push through another work out session half exhausted, because your body isn’t digesting food properly.

It’s a shame, you’re doing everything right, and yet it seems like your belly has a mind of its own.

To uncover the truth, you have to get right to the heart of the matter

Whether it’s a sensitivity to your protein shake, milk, dairy or all of the above, one things for certain…

“Your Digestive System Isn’t Working Properly!”

It can’t process your food fast enough, there’s a bottleneck – think of it like a traffic jam in your tummy!

Some have even said that…

“Its the beginning of disease and illness!”

The bottom line is, your digestive system can’t keep up!

You see, a normal healthy digestive system takes your food, mashes it up into microscopic pieces that can be easily absorbed by your body to nourish your brain, muscles and organs.

When your body can’t mash this stuff up, it means your brain, muscles and organs suffer, PLUS the food doesn’t go down efficiently. (That’s why you experience painful bloating, constipation and other side effects.)

And remember, bloating and constipation are just your first signs something is wrong.

That’s not the worst of it…

If your digestive system is “acting up” not only are you typically not eating enough, you’re also likely missing out on up to 40% of the nutrition, from the foods you do eat.

If your system can’t break it down properly, difficulty in the bathroom is the least of your concerns, you may also be starving your mind and body of critical nutrients for vital every day functions!

Are you tired, irritable and un-able to focus?   You may be experiencing the most common side effects of a digestive system that just can’t keep up.

You may also be carrying around up to 11 lbs of gunk in your belly that causes the swelling, as well as aids in choking off vital nutrients.

Its why some of us feel like zombies!

As you can imagine, this can quickly spiral into sickness and ill health.

You may not even realize, that even as we speak, you are not operating at 100%!

Its hard to imagine what that may be costing you.

Although these symptoms typically reveal themselves when we hit our 30’s and 40’s, these days, suddenly, we are seeing it crop up in young adults in alarming numbers.

It usually starts with subtle intolerance’s here and there to certain foods, then these slight intolerance’s can become worse, and inadvertently set things in motion.

The Bloating, the Constipation, Gas and Diarrhea

Again, if you work-out regularly this is extremely taxing on your already over-worked, undernourished body.

Your efforts in the gym may be doing you more harm then good.

Digestion is where your body turns your food into fuel – break a couple of spokes here, and gains in the gym are a thing of the past.

For most of us it’s a mild attack on the digestive track initially, that we “deal with” for the time being – maybe it just happens now and then, maybe its just “certain” foods – but this is only the start.

For others, it demands an immediate and complete change of diet and lifestyle to remain healthy.

One thing is true in both cases however, it can be progressive if not fixed.

It can get worse!

YES, it can even be deadly.

There are steps you can take however to reduce or eliminate the problem completely.

You can figure out the things that are causing your body the distress, and get rid of them from your diet, and hope and pray that you don’t have to CUT-OUT all the foods you love!

Things like this must be considered first…

  • Protein (Protein Shakes)
  • Milk
  • Dairy
  • Sugar
  • Breads

A lot of people have to resort to the extreme, and simply STOP eating all or some of these things for good.

This is a necessary step for many – figuring out what’s causing the sensitivity, and losing it from their diet altogether.

But there are other options, the best being a good Probiotic and Enzyme Blend.

Probiotics and Enzymes are powerful natural microbes that have just 1 job – to breakdown the organic structure of the foods you eat, so that your body can do its digestion work properly, and more easily.

Bloating, constipation and Diarrhea can be eliminated from your life with the right enzyme probiotic blend.

Your body may need extra help mashing up the protein, dairy, sugars and carbs you eat so that you stop the bottle neck, and resume 100% nutrition to your brain, your muscles and your organs!

We recommend SuperZyme XP!

We’re a little biased because we made it, but we did so with the love and care of a mamma bear.

Check out SuperZyme XP Here.

Think of SuperZyme XP as like a “pre-workout” for your digestive system, helping your body to more easily digest all the different foods you eat!

A regular maintenance program of SuperZyme XP helps your body breakdown food, even before your body starts its own digestive process.

It just makes things easier on your digestive system, so that it can do its job properly, and more easily.

SuperZyme XP gives you’re body more efficient access to all the nutrition from your food, and can all but eliminate the bottleneck, the bloating, the constipation and diarhea!

Can one supplement really do all that?

See for yourself here.

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